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Uncover the fascinating world of sugar modelling paste

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Modeling is our strength and the flagship that has made us famous in Italy and in the world. The figurines we make are usually little girls with a slight vintage flavor, to which we want to give the most natural look with a porcelain finish.

Besides experimenting with different facial expressions, we especially enjoy creating new dresses and hairstyles all the time.

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la belle aurore


An original technique of our invention that arises from the reworking of the pictorial one used on canvas and based on the research to get out of the two-dimensionality giving thickness and material volume.

In painting, to obtain this effect, resins are used to add to the colours; in our field, that of cake design, it is made with the application of different layers of sugar paste suitably colored, shaped and superimposed to obtain the desired three-dimensional effect.

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la belle aurore cake design

Cake Art

Thanks to the ability to work and model the sugar paste in a workmanlike manner, it is possible to create true works of cake design, with a unique look. The goal is to amaze and intrigue the senses alike, from sight to smell to taste.

Take a look at our gallery of creations where we express all our creativity

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Don’t wait for inspiration. It comes while working.

Always strive for better work. Never stop learning.

When passion feels the need to express itself, it must be supported by technique.

Join our Masterclasses

In our classes you can quickly and easily learn the method to modeling each part of the body, giving life to the figure.

The linchpin of each course is not the exact reproduction of the subject, but learning the technique, which with practice and passion will lead to the formation of your own style. This is our strength. We look forward to seeing you in class.

Learn & Create

Do you want to learn or improve your technical modeling skills? Check out this list of video courses

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la belle auore

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Two heterogeneous personalities with different characters, united by the constant desire to experiment and never want to stop being surprised, just like children do.

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