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Professional courses aimed at those looking to develop their artistic skills in sugar paste work and learn advanced techniques to create showpieces.

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Rome Milan Turin Cagliari Granada Dublin Athens Vienna Tel Aviv New York Dallas Miami Guatemala City

These are just some of the many cities we have been to with our Academy. We hold training courses all over the world to transmit know-how to those who want to learn.

Over the years we have accumulated experience with a long series of courses, now consolidated, which meet the needs of those who want to approach the world of modeling with sugar paste.

Our masterclasses are a one-day full immersion: where we will be able to find out everything about modeling clay, what it is, how to use it, how to color it, how to transform it.

We provide all the materials and tools necessary for the modeling of the proposed model. The courses are open to all regardless of the level of the participants.

Let's do something together?

We love to travel, meet new people. For this reason, if you want to bring one of our masterclasses to your city or would like to take individual lessons, get in touch with us.

    Video courses

    Can’t attend our masterclasses? Learn modeling on your own at home. Check out this list of video courses.


    La Belle Aurore | Sugar Art Deluxe